The new iPhone X is now out! the question is do I get one? Sure I love the look of it, the size, screen, FaceID whats not to like? But I have the iPhone 7plus Its only a year old, it’s in good condition and works fine. So can I justify the huge £1000+ cost.

Currently, I’m on a standard 24 month contract with O2, so currently I can only upgrade my phone every 2 years. So, I’ve been looking at the Apple ‘iPhone Upgrade Programme‘. which would allow me to pay around £55 a month (which is the same as O2) and yet I can get a new phone every year and not the 2 years on O2.

What to do? Well at the moment every time I try to join the upgrade programme it says the daily intake is full. Guess they are trying to tell me something.

I think next step will be to take a look at one for real at an Apple Store.