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Running Again

Its been over six months since I last went on a run. So last night i put on my running shoes and did it. It was only a little 2 Km run but it still felt good and the morning after doesn’t feel that bad either.

Why the sudden change of mind and actually go for a run? Sure I have regularly thought that I really must do one but the weekend saw a big mind set. Standing in front of the mirror on the scales the signs were all there, I need to get back into share. Something changed, something has made me really determined to make a difference. So lets see how things go.

As you can see, the pace and distance were nothing to shout out about, but it was a start!



I got brave enough today to weigh myself and I knew i’ve put a few pounds on, but not the amount the scales displayed. I’m slightly embarrassed ┬áto report that I’m 90Kgs! I know 14 Stone, how did that happen?

So today sees the start of the big fitness plan, My goal is to get to 75Kgs in a year, there i’ve said it publicly, set myself a target, by December 2018 I’d like to get to 75Kgs that a loss 15 Kgs or around 3 stone.

Firstly I need to stop eating junk, I eat far to many biscuits, crisps and convenience food, not only that I eat it all the time, grazing all day.

Secondly, I need to get more exercise. Currently I do a little, mostly walking the day twice a day, but that doesn’t really burn the fat. At school I was good at cross country running and I did enjoy it also, so this evenings task is to read up and start running.

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