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Do I get the iPhone X?

The new iPhone X is now out! the question is do I get one? Sure I love the look of it, the size, screen, FaceID whats not to like? But I have the iPhone 7plus Its only a year old, it’s in good condition and works fine. So can I justify the huge £1000+ cost.

Currently, I’m on a standard 24 month contract with O2, so currently I can only upgrade my phone every 2 years. So, I’ve been looking at the Apple ‘iPhone Upgrade Programme‘. which would allow me to pay around £55 a month (which is the same as O2) and yet I can get a new phone every year and not the 2 years on O2.

What to do? Well at the moment every time I try to join the upgrade programme it says the daily intake is full. Guess they are trying to tell me something.

I think next step will be to take a look at one for real at an Apple Store.


I got brave enough today to weigh myself and I knew i’ve put a few pounds on, but not the amount the scales displayed. I’m slightly embarrassed  to report that I’m 90Kgs! I know 14 Stone, how did that happen?

So today sees the start of the big fitness plan, My goal is to get to 75Kgs in a year, there i’ve said it publicly, set myself a target, by December 2018 I’d like to get to 75Kgs that a loss 15 Kgs or around 3 stone.

Firstly I need to stop eating junk, I eat far to many biscuits, crisps and convenience food, not only that I eat it all the time, grazing all day.

Secondly, I need to get more exercise. Currently I do a little, mostly walking the day twice a day, but that doesn’t really burn the fat. At school I was good at cross country running and I did enjoy it also, so this evenings task is to read up and start running.


Well hello, yes its 2017 and I have just got into this social media thingy. This is my new blog, the idea is to record my adventures, interests and the odd rant!

Married to Katrina and we have a bonkers 7 year old Lab called Lucy, so no doubt your see lots on them too.

So why not join our adventure, we recently became the proud owners of a Lunar Quasar 574 caravan and love to get away, explore and enjoy the countryside.

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